Schedule of Events

July 29 - August 3 ,  2024
Warren County Fair's 67th! 

Barn in the USA!

Saturday, July 27
10- 3:00 pm     Fairest of the Fair 
        At Laurel Ridge College
                           Tiny Miss, Little Miss
        At Laurel Ridge College
                           Pre-Teen Pageant
        At Laurel Ridge College

11– 3:00 pm    Home Ec. Exhibits

4:00 pm            Clear Grounds
                              Prepare for Concert

5:30 pm            Gates Open

7:00 pm            Ronnie Wolford & 50 West 
         Sponsor:  Stephens City Insurance  

7:45 pm            Rodney Atkins
         Sponsor:  Front Royal Ford
         Sponsor:  Front Royal Buick & GMC

Sunday, July  28  

11– 3:00 pm    Home Ec. Exhibits

1– 4:00 pm      Rabbits, Poultry received 

Monday, July 29   
Adults- $12, Agess 7-12, $5,  6- Under, Free
Armbands - $25

8– 10:00 am    Check-in / Weigh-in
                             4-H Project Animals
                             at (VA Livestock LLC)

1:00 pm           All animals must be present
                                in the 4-H Barn

6:00 pm           Rabbit, Poultry

                         Rabbit and Poultry
                            Exhibits judged
                            (Follows:  Showmanship)

4:00 pm          Gates Open

5:30 pm          Rides Open

5:30 pm          Opening Ceremony            

6:00 pm          Jr.Miss, Ms, & Miss Pageants

6:30 pm          Pet Show  
        Sponsor:  Port of Virginia

7:00 pm          Rabbits & Poultry
                           Exhibits Judged

7:00 pm          Demo Derby    
        Sponsor:  Auto Center

Tuesday, July 30   
Adults - $10,  Ages  12 -  Under – Free 
Armbands - $20

10:00 am       4-H Market Hog Show
                        4-H Swine Showmanship
                        4-H Swine Breeding

1 hour following Swine Show

                        4-H Beef Showmanship
                        4-H Market Beef Show
                        4-H Beef Breeding Show

11– 2 pm       Sensory Friendly Day
        Sponsor:  Farm Bureau
        Sponsor:  Rotary of Warren Co. 
        Sponsor:  Jason’s Lawn Care

4:00 pm         Gates Open        

5:30 pm         Rides Open

6:00 pm         Power Wheel Demo Derby
        Sponsor:  L&B Portables

6:30 pm         WC Fair Parade
        To follow Power Wheel Derby

2 Shows        Extreme Illusions        
        Sponsor:  Rick’s Auto Care

7:00 pm         Dirt Drags, Truck/Car 
        Sponsor:  Sun Stoppers
        Sponsor: Keen’s Towing 
        ​Sponsor: Royal Auto Works, LLC

 7:00 pm       Karaoke
                1st- $200, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50        
                Host:   Summit Events Co.
        Sponsor:  City National Bank

Wednesday, July 31       
Adults- $12, Agess 7-12, $5,  6- Under, Free  
Armbands - $25

9:00 am         4-H Farmer for a Day Camp (pre-registration required)

9:00 am         Day Care Day        
        Sponsor: Method CPA
        Sponsor: Rural King

4:00 pm        Gates Open

5:30 pm        Rides Open

5:30 pm        4-H Goat Showmanship
                       4-H Market Goat Show
                       4-H Goat Breeding Show

6:00 pm        Pie Eating Contest 
        Sponsor: Down Home Bakery

2 Shows       Extreme Illusions            
        Sponsor:  Dave’s Diversified
        Sponsor: United Bank

7:00 pm        Karaoke
                1st- $200, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50        
                Host:  Summit Events Co.
        Sponsor:  City National Bank

 7:00 pm        Bullride Mania Rodeo  
        Sponsor:  TimberWorks
        Sponsor:  Ferguson
        Sponsor:  Quality Title, LLC

Thursday, August 1        
Adults- $12, Agess 7-12, $5,  6- Under, Free 
Armbands - $25

9:00 am        Senior Day
        Sponsor:  Megeath Contracting, Inc.

5:00 pm         4-H Sheep Showmanship
                       4-H Market Lamb Show
                       4-H Sheep Breeding

TBD               4-H Old Timers Show
                        & Lil’ Showman Show

                        4-H Coverbud Show
                        (must be enrolled)

4:00 pm         Gates Open

5:30 pm         Rides Open

6:00 pm         Beard, Mustache,
                           Mullet & Farmer’s Tan
                           At Beer Garden     
        Sponsor:  RidgeRunner

2 Shows        Extreme Illusions              
        Sponsor:  Rappahannock Electric 
        Sponsor: Sysco   

7:00 pm        Karaoke
                       1st- $200, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50  
                       Host: Summit Events Co.
        Sponsor:  City National Bank

7:00 pm        ATV Races
        Sponsor:  Matthews Auto Center 
        Sponsor:  Jeff Phelps Concecessions
        Sponsor:  Dameivias Improvements

Friday, August 2   
Adults- $12, Agess 7-12, $5,  6- Under, Free
Armbands - $25

4:00 pm        Gates Open

5:30 pm        Rides Open

6:00 pm        4-H Livestock Buyers Reg.

7:00 pm        4-H Livestock Auction

2 Shows       Extreme Illusions               
        Sponsor:  Auto Care Clinic

7:00 pm        Truck & Tractor Pull
        Sponsor:  Lindsay Chevrolet,
        Sponsor: EverGRO
        Sponsor: Glenn Wood

Saturday, August 3   
Adults- $12, Agess 7-12, $5,  6- Under, Free 
Armbands - $25

3:00 pm        Gates Open

3:00 pm        Free Children’s Games
        Sponsor: 2024 Fair Queens

4:00 pm        Monster Trucks,
                            Pit Party / Truck Rides  
        Sponsor:  Unlimited Welding
        Sponsor:  Chad Lewis Insurance
        Sponsor:  David & Mary Dill

5:30 pm        Midway Opens                      

6:00 pm        Greased Pig Contest
        Sponsor:   AJ’s Grading Sponsor:  
        Sponsor: Peak Roofing Contractors 

6:30 pm        Monster Truck Show
        Sponsor:  D & M Container
        Sponsor:  David & Mary Dill 
        Sponsor:  Power-Comm
        Sponsor:  Marlow Motors
        Sponsor:  Crim’s Trailer Sales 

 2 Shows       Extreme Illusions              
        Sponsor:  Auto Care Clinic     

Carnival:        Snyder’s Attractions

Photography:   Kim Needles Photography

Events and times are subject to change.