Contribute to the Warren County Fair

The Warren County Fair is 501c3 non-profit organization that is managed solely by a small handful of volunteers who all maintain full time jobs outside of the fair.  This volunteer group is relentless during the entire year with planning,  organizing and improving the grounds for our community to come and enjoy the festivities in a clean, safe and cheerful environment.  Changing the world is by changing the environment for everyone to come together as a community. It is this motto that pushes the volunteers to keep moving forward to reach their goals.  

This year our team of volunteers is seeking donations to help us completely upgrade our electrical system.  We simply do not  have enough power to manage the events on the grounds.  We have been blessed with donations of wire, conduit and electric poles, now we are asking our friends and community if you would donate towards the purchase of two new transformers so we can light up the fair in 2020. Our budget is tight but our community is broad and we strive to maintain a positive relationship with our friends and supporters year after year.

We simply could not manage without the support of our community.  Would you consider a tax deductible donation to help support your county fair?

Help Make Your Fair Great!