Warren County 4-H

Confident, Motivated, Mature...

All key characteristics of youth engaged in 4H programs. 4H, a national organization over 100 years old actively mentoring and empowering 6 million youth through developmental programs.

4H is in partnership with 110 universities utilizing 3,500 professionals and 611,800 volunteers with over 25 million alumni. Youth learn fundamental life skills through experimenting, innovating and working independently while a vast network of volunteers and professionals administer guidance and knowledge sharing to ensure success.

Throughout the entire year 4H youth are actively participating in clubs, after school programs, camps, or demonstrating talent and skills at the County Fair. Many youth showcase their passions and interest from drawings to building crafts or showing animals like: chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, pigs or horse riding. 4H youth can pursue nearly any project of creating products or growing or raising animals to exhibit their success at the fair for recognition for ribbons or selling. Come join 4H where youth can focus on their interest and learn at their pace.  Flexibility in learning through a network of mentors ensures success for all.  Additional information about 4H can be found at https://4-h.org.

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four Hs in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs.

Head – Managing, Thinking
Heart – Relating, Caring
Hands – Giving, Working
Health – Being, Living

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VCE Warren (office page):   https://warren.ext.vt.edu/ 
Warren County 4-H Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/WarrenCounty4HVA/

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