Dept F & G - Crops, Corn, Fruits & Vegetables

Dept F & G - Crops, Corn, Fruits & Vegetables

Home Grown!​

We would love to see the reaps of your gardens.  From the red ripe tomatos, the potatoes dug from your garden or the largest pumpkin in your patch.  Share your passion with gardening at the fair for others to enjoy.

Department F – Agriculture
Field Crops

F01. White Hybrid Feed Corn, 2 ears
F02. Yellow Hybrid Feed Corn, 2 ears
F03. Tallest Stalk of Corn(with roots)

Small Grains – 1 Quart minimum

F04. Wheat
F05. Barley
F.06 Oats

Hay - Bundle of ¼ bale cured hay

F07. Alfalfa
F08. Clover
F09. Lespedeza
F10. Orchard Grass
F11. Timothy
F12. Mixed Hay

Seeds- 1 pint minimum

F13. Clover
F14. Orchard Grass
F15. Lespedeza
F16. Timothy
F17. Sunflower
F18. Other

Eggs-1 dozen

F19. White
F20. Brown
F21. Other Colors

Department G – Fruits & Vegetables

*Cut foliage from all root vegetables to 2 inches.

G01. Apples, Green, 3
G02. Apples, Red, 3
G03. Blackberries, 5
G04. Blueberries, 5
G06. Damsons, 3
G07. Grapes, 1 bunch
G08. Nectarines, 3
G09. Peaches, 3
G10. Pears, 3
G11. Plums, 3
G12. Other Fruit
G13. Beans, Black Eyed, ¼ cup
G14. Beans, Lima, ½ cup
G15. Beans, Green, 12
G16. Beets, 3
G17. Broccoli, 1 stalk
G18. Brussel Sprouts, 5
G19. Cabbage, Green, 1 head
G20. Cabbage, Red, 1 head
G21. Cabbage, Largest Head
G22. Carrots, 5
G23. Cauliflower, 1 head
G24. Corn, Popcorn, 3 ears
G25. Corn, Sweet. 3 ears unhusked
G26. Cucumbers, Burpless, 3
G27. Cucumbers, Pickling, 3
G28. Eggplant, 1
G29. Gourd, 3
G30. Muskmelon/Cantaloupe, 1
G31. Okra, 3
G32. Onions, Red, 3
G33. Onions, White, 3
G34. Onions, Yellow, 3
G35. Peppers, Bell, 3
G36. Peppers, Hot, 3
G37. Peppers, Sweet, 3
G38. Potatoes, Largest, 1
G39. Potatoes, Red, 3
G40. Potatoes, Sweet, 3
G41. Potatoes, White, 3
G42. Potatoes, Yellow, 3
G43. Pumpkin, 24 or more inches around, 1
G44. Pumpkin, less than 24 inches around, 1
G45. Squash, Acorn, 2
G46. Squash, Butternut, 2
G47. Squash, Kershaw, 2
G48. Squash, Spaghetti, 1
G49. Squash Straight Neck, 3
G50. Squash, White/Patty pan, 3
G51. Squash, Italian, 1
G52. Squash, Crooked Neck, 3
G53. Squash, Zucchini, 3
G54. Sunflower, Largest Head, 3 inch stem
G55. Sunflower, Tallest
G56. Tomatoes, Cherry, 3
G57. Tomatoes, Grape, 3
G58. Tomatoes, Green, 3
G59. Tomatoes, Pear, 3
G60. Tomatoes, Plum/Roma, 3
G61. Tomatoes, Red, 3
G62. Tomatoes, Yellow, 3
G63. Vegetable Basket, must have at least 3 different vegetables
G64. Watermelon, 1
G65. Watermelon, Largest, 1
G66. White Pumpkin, 1
G67. Zucchini, Largest
G68. Other Vegetable

Dept F&G Agricultural Field Crops, Eggs, Fruits & Vegetables.pdf Dept F&G Agricultural Field Crops, Eggs, Fruits & Vegetables