Dept L - Adult Arts & Crafts

If You Can Imagine It
You Can Create It!

Come share your imagination with us, by displaying the creations that you have built in your backyard.  From birdhouses, to baskets, candles or wreaths, come show off all of your crafts at the fair.

Department L:  Art & Crafts – Adult

Entries will be judged on design, appearance, color, workmanship and suitability of materials.

01. Basket
02. Bird House
03. Butterfly or Bat House
04. Ceramic
05. Christmas Decoration from Kit
06. Christmas Decoration not from Kit
07. Christmas Wreath
08. Doll, any kind
09. Door Decoration (Not a wreath)
10. Holiday Decoration (NOT Christmas)
11. Jewelry, Beaded
12. Jewelry, Other
13. Macramé
14. Metal Sculpture
15. Models
16. Item made from Natural Material
17. Paper Craft , Quilled/Origami
18. Pottery
19. Recycled/Upcycled Item
20. Scrapbook/Memory Book
21. Silk Flower Arrangement
22. String Art
23. Wall Hanging
24. Wearable Art
25. Wood Burning
26. Wood-Hand Carved
27. Wood-Painted
28. Wood- Item, machine cut
29. Wooden Toy
30. Wreath

Department L Art & Crafts Adult Department L Art & Crafts Adult