Warren County Fair

Dept J & R - Youth & Adult Sewing

Stitch It! Quilt It! 

If you enjoy stitching that handmade quilt or the stuffed teddy bear, what better way to show your talents than to display them at the fair for everyone to envy.

Department J:  Sewing – Adult
Department R:  Sewing – Youth

All garments must be clean & on hangers.
Items may be put in plastic bags for protection from dust.
Entries will be judges on general appearance, suitability of material and workmanship.

Garments & Other Sewing

01. Baby Garment
02. Blouse/Shirt
03. Children’s Garment
04. Decorated Garment
05. Doll Outfit
06. Flag/Banner
07. Fleece Garment
08. Garment, Casual
09. Garment, Dressy
10. Household Decoration
11. Jacket
12. Skirt
13. Slacks, Men
14. Slacks, Women
15. Sweatshirt, Applique
16. Toy, Stuffed
17. Vest
18. Wall Hanging
19. Pillow
20. Apron
21. Other

Department J & R Sewing-Adult & Youth.pdf Department J & R Sewing-Adult & Youth