Dept M & N - Visual Arts & Photography

Paint It, Photograph It, Show it!

There are such creative people within our community, what better way to show your talents than entering your paintings, photgraphs, and crafts with us to share with all of our fairgoers.

Department M: Visual Arts & Photography – Adult
Deaprtment N: Visual Arts & Photography – Youth

***Entries must be mounted on foam board.***

Visual Arts Entries will be judges separately from Photography entries and a Best of Show will be selected for each division.

Professionals are not eligible to enter exhibits for competition. A professional is defined as someone who engages in art/photography as a source of income.

Visual Arts

01A. Acrylics
02A. Charcoal
03A. Composite
04A. Computer Generated Art
05A. Crayon
06A. Decorative Painting on Fabric
07A. Decorative Painting on Metal
08A. Decorative Painting on Wood
09A. Mixed Medium
10A. Oil
11A. Pastel
12A. Pencil/Colored Pencil
13A. Pen and Ink
14A. Puzzle Art
15A. Reverse Glass Painting
16A. Stained Glass
17A. Stamping
18A. Watercolors
19A. Other

Photography – Black & White or Sepia

20B. Altered Photograph
21B. Animal(s)
22B. Bug/Insect(s)
23B. Architectural
24B. Floral
25B. Grouping of 3 or more
26B. Humorous (caption optional)
27B. Nature
28B. Selfie
29B. Portrait
30B. Winter Scene
31B. Fall Scene
32B. Spring/Summer Scene
33B. Action Shot
34B. Scene from 2018 WC Fair
35B. Bird(s)
36B. Warren County Landmark
37B. Waterscape
38B. Other

Photography – Color

39B. Altered Photograph
40B. Animal(s)
41B. Bug/Insect(s)
42B. Architectural
43B. Floral
44B. Grouping of 3 or more
45B. Humorous (caption optional)
46B. Nature
47B. Selfie
48B. Portrait
49B. Winter Scene
50B. Fall Scene
51B. Spring/Summer Scene
52B. Action Shot
53B. Scene from 2018 WC Fair
54B. Bird(s)
55B. Warren County Landmark
56B. Waterscape
57B. Other

Department M & N Visual Arts & Photography Adults & Youth.pdf Department M & N Visual Arts & Photography Adults & Youth