Dept O - Adult & Youth Floral

 Share Your Garden Beauty!

Pick your favorite flowers and display at the Warren County Fair for everyone to enjoy their beauty.

Anyone, no matter what age, in Warren County as well as the surrounding counties can still show off their best work of the year. What’s even better now is that you can win money ($) for winning prizes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in all categories!

Department O:  Floral – Adult & Youth

Entries must be grown or cared for by the exhibitor. All plant material, with the exception of dried & treated, must be homegrown.
Potted plants should be in possession of the exhibitor for at least 3 months prior to entry.
Exhibitor is responsible for care & maintenance of arrangement and/or plants, including but not limited to watering during the Fair.
Leaf foliage should be intact on cut specimens, with reasonable stem for proper display.
Leaves should be clean & free of bug bites and petals clean of bites or spots.
Exhibitor must furnish all containers.


001. Dish Garden – Smaller than 2’
002. Dried Flower Arrangement – No Silk
003. Informal Arrangement-Table Centerpiece
004. Mass Arrangement
005. Miniature Arrangement
006. Aster
007. Black Eyed Susan
008. Butterfly Bush
009. Celosia or Cockscomb, Crested
010. Celosia or Cockscomb, Plumed
011. Cosmos
012. Chrysanthemum
013. Cone Flower
014. Coreopsis
015. Creative Container, any plant type
016. Crepe Myrtle
017. Dahlia, no buds
018. Delphinium
019. Gladiolus
020. Hydrangea
021. Lily
022. Marigold, Giant Bloom
023. Marigold, French Dwarf
024. Marigold, Other
025. Petunia, Multi Petals
026. Petunia, Single Petals
027. Queen Anne’s Lace
028. Rose, Large, Any Color
029. Rose, Climbing
030. Rose, Miniature
031. Rose, Multi-flora, 1 Stem Multi Blooms
032. Rose of Sharon
033. Shasta Daisy
034. Snapdragon, short
035. Snapdragon, Tall
036. Sunflower, Yellow
037. Sunflower, Other Colors
038. Zinnia, Bloom over 2”
039. Zinnia, Bloom less than 2’
040. Zinnia, Lilliput
041. Other

Potted Plants

042. African Violet in Bloom
043. Aloe
044. Begonia
045. Cactus
046. Fern
047. Herb(s)
048. Philodendron
049. Other

Hanging Baskets

050. Flowering Basket
051. Non-Flowering Basket


052. Gnome/Fairy Garden, no larger than 2’, Adult
053. Gnome/Fairy Garden, no larger than 2’, Youth
054. Terrarium, Adult
055. Terrarium, Youth
056. Commercial Floral Arrangement Using Fair Theme (Professional Only)

Department O Floral Adult & Youth.pdf Department O Floral Adult & Youth