Pet Show / Cancelled for 2020

Bring Your Favorite Pet

Monday, August 17th, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Registration begins at 6 pm
Held in the Wonder Building
We ask that you Please bring a donation of cat/dog food, toys or kitty litter for the WC Humane Society

Pet Show Rules

  • All pets must be leashed and/or caged and under control at ALL times
  • No pets are allowed in the 4-H Livestock barns at any time.
  • All dogs, cats and ferrets 3 months and older must have a current rabies shot. 
    Please bring proof of your pet's rabies vacciation with you.
  • All participants are responsible for all damage or injury caused by their pet.
  • No poisonous or dangerous pets will be allowed.
  • Warren County Fair Association will not be liable for loss, accident or damage to pet or participants.
  • All First Place winners will complete for Best In Show.
  • The decisions of the Judge(s) is final.

Pet Show Classes - Dogs

1.    Best Groomed
2.    Best Tail Wagging
3.    Most Ear-Resistible Ears
4.    Most Expressive Eyes
5.    Dog That Looks Most Like Owner
6.    Best Trick
7.    Best Vocal Performance
8.    Best Costume
9.    Most Hair/Fur
10.  Best in Show

Pet Show Classes - Cats

1.    Friendliest
2.    Most Expressive Eyes
3.    Most Unusual or Exotic
4.    Most Playful
5.    Pet that Looks Most Like Owner
6.    Craziest Tail
7.    Most Adorable
8.    Best Shell Animal
9.    Best Costume
10.  Best in Show