Dirt Drags

Tuesday, July 30, 2024,  7:00 pm

Do you love watching 2 drivers blast down the track to see whose truck can't be beat?  It is a wild event to watch these guys go head to head to the finish line to see who owns the rights to the fastest truck in town.

Minor Drivers must possess a valid Driver's License in order to participate in this event!

PLEASE NOTE:  “NO” ATV, Golf Cart, or 4-Wheeler type vehicles will be allowed in the carnival area at any time during the week of the Fair!


  1. Diesel Class (Cars or Trucks):  Four-wheel drive, automatic and standard transmissions are permitted.  Must have stock style suspension and D.O.T. tires.
  2. Diesel Class (Cars or Trucks):  Two-wheel drive, automatic and standard transmissions are permitted.  Must have stock style suspension and D.O.T. tires.
  3. 4 Wheel Drive Gas Class
  4. 2 Wheel Drive Gas Class
  5. Altered Class:  Anything Goes!

Registration - $25 


  1.  RACE AREA:
    1. All dirt drag racing will be conducted on a dirt surface, i.e. pull track.
    2. Two side-by-side lanes will be marked by a white chalk line.
    3. The track will be “worked” to ensure a safe and fair drag race.  This may include digging the track, watering and packing the track.
    4. The normal dirt drag race track will be set at two hundred feet (200’).
    1.  Dirt drag racing is available to diesel trucks or cars, gas trucks or cars, derby cars, endure/flat track vehicles, mud bog vehicles and most other vehicles will be allowed to compete.
    2. Vehicles will be inspected and it will be determined if you will be allowed to run by the tech officials.  Gas tanks must be secure.  Helmets and seatbelts must be worn.
    3. Vehicles do not need to be licensed or insured.  This is to allow vehicles that will be running in the Flat Track Enduro and Derby contests later in the week to complete also.
    4. Current and valid photo driver’s license is required for all drivers.  Any driver who is below the age of 18 must have a notarized consent waiver form completed by parent/guardian.
    5. The use of any form of alcohol is prohibited while engaging in dirt drag racing and will result in immediate disqualification and ejection from the event and fairgrounds.
    1. All trucks and cars planning to drag must register and pay entry fees.
    2. The order and bracket set-up will be made available prior to the start of the dirt drag race.
    3. Starting of the dirt drag race will be by a pro-style drag light system.
    4. Each vehicle must have a number on the front of the vehicle so that the officials and announcer will know whose vehicle is racing.
    5. Driver must stay with their vehicle while their class is participating.  Failure to stay with your vehicle can result in a disqualification.
    6. Any vehicle that touches the white line on the “out of bounds” marks will be disqualified.
    7. Winners will return to the staging area immediately to receive staging instructions for their next race.
    8. No speeding or hot rodding after leaving the racetrack or in the pit area.  Vehicles operating in an unsafe manner can result in a disqualification/ejection from the event and/or the fairgrounds.
    9. Eliminating format will be determined by the head event official.
    10. All drag racing decisions such as winner and possible disqualifications are FINAL. No appeal processes.




24 Dirt Drag 24 Dirt Drag