Fair Association Membership

The Warren County Fair Association would like to offer you a unique opportunity to be part of our fair family.

We rely on our members and volunteers to provide a safe, happy and successful fair. The Warren County Fair is a family oriented event that provides families in our community with a low-cost, safe, and fun environment to enjoy together. Our goal is to educate, entertain, stimulate, and challenge fairgoers.

We offer music, motorsport events, pulling contests, animal shows, and a Monster truck event. The fair also helps our young people gain knowledge, confidence, and leadership skills through various 4-H events.

The Warren County Fair has grown tremendously over the past years and we are always looking for new ways to improve. We consider the fair to be a means to connect with the community and look forward to you becoming a member of the Warren County Fair Association.

Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month. As a member, you are entitled to one vote on all matters presented to the membership including the election of the Director(s) at Large. Members are encouraged to take an active part in the fair and pursue an area that appeals to them.

Membership dues are thirty-five dollars ($35.00) paid annually.   And remember — your dues are tax deductible.

We sincerely hope you will join our Fair Family and help make memories.