Dept X - Arts & Crafts for Individuals With Any Disability

Craft It!

If you can dream it, you can build it!  Come share your craft ideas with us at the Warren County Fair so we can display your crafty items for everyone in our community to enjoy.

Department X: Arts & Crafts
Made By Individuals With Any Type of Disability

Paintings, pictures, etc. must be matted on cardboard.
Paintings, pictures, photographs, etc. must include a secure hanger on back.

All work must be the work of the exhibitor and created and/or completed since previous fair.

03.Beaded Item
04.Black Velvet Picture
06.Ceramic Item
07.Clay / Play Dough
08.Clothespin Sculpture
10.Collection (mounted, less than 2 sq ft)
11.Collection (not mounted, less than 2 sq ft)
12.Collection, Visual (book of illustrations, pictures, writing)
13.Computer Generated Art
14.Construction Paper Item
15.Craft Stick Item
16.Creative Writing (may be typed)
17.Crewel or Embroidered Article
18.Crocheted or Knitted Article
19.Cross Stitched Article
20.Dream Catchers
21.Felt Article
23.Foam Article
24.Food Art
26.Group Item
27.Holiday Decoration (from kit)
28.Holiday Decoration (not Christmas)
29.Holiday Decoration (not kit)
30.Hooked Article
31.Item Made with Natural Material
33.K-Nex Item
34.K-Nex Self Design
36.Lamp, Handmade
37.Lego Item
38.Lego, Self Design
39.Loomed Article
40.Mixed Medium
41.Model (from kit)
42.Mosaic Craft
44.Paint/Pencil by Number
45.Painting, Acrylic
46.Painting, Oil
47.Painting, Watercolor
48.Paper Weight/Doorstop
49.Paper Maché
50.Photograph, B&W
51.Photograph, Collection (4+)
52.Photograph, Color
53.Picture, Colored Pencil
54.Picture, Charcoal
55.Picture, Crayon
56.Picture, Magic Marker
57.Picture, Pastel
58.Picture, Pen and ink
59.Picture, Pencil
60.Picture, Poster Paint (school paint)
61.Plaster of Paris Item
62.Plastic Canvas
63.Quilted Article
64.Recycled Item
65.Refrigerator Magnet
66.Rock Craft
67.Sand Art
68.Scrapbook/Memory Book
70.Shell Craft
72.String Art
73.Sun Catchers
74.Tie Dyeing
75.Toy, Handmade
76.Wall Hanging
77.Woodworking Article
78.Woven Article

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