Outlaws Demolition Derby

Saturday, August 22, 2020
7:00 pm

Look out Warren County, the Outlaws are coming to town!  This event is hosted for those of you who are itching to blow the cobwebs out.  The registration for this event will be $100, but the purse will the $2,500 plus have of the entry fees.  More cars, more money, winner takes all.


Any size car, so if you have any limo's, imperial's or hearse's, build and bring them.
1. All glass must be removed from car. All plastic must be removed. Must remove all wheel weights.

2. All gas tanks must be removed from under the car. No plastic gas tanks, double clamp fuel tanks. Gas tank must be in back seat area. Covered and secured.

3.  Suspensions - you may leaf spring your car no more than 5 leafs and no wider than 3 inches. No more than 4 clamps per side. Front suspension may be locked, front bumper height no more than 24 inches from bottom of bumper. Rear bumper height no lower than 18 inches from bottom of bumper. After market suspension parts are permitted no excessive bracing. You may leaf spring the front of the car must use a straight axle no more than 5 leafs per side, no more than 4 clamps per side.

4. Doors - All doors may be welded with a strap no wider than 3 inches. Tops of doors may be beat down and welded. You may wire or chain doors as well.

5. Trunk - Trunk may be pre bent or tucked but not fully wedged. Must have at least 8 inches of clearance between trunk lid and all of floor. You can run a bar from the roof to no further than half the truck lids may weld trunk with straps no wider than 3 inches.

6. Cage - you may run door bars from dash bar all the way back to the rear fender wells. Gas tank protector can be a 2 inch bar ran from end of door bar to end of door bar. And a 2inch bar ran on both sides of gas tanks. Roll over bars are permitted. Kickers we are allowing 2 no bigger than 2 inches in diameter if any kicker is bigger than that they will be cut completely out. Kickers must go from dash bar to front frame rail just behind the arms. If you have down bars off of your cage they must be at a 90 degree angle and must be welded to sheet metal only. Exception of a bar coming from door bar to the frame on driver’s door.  If you are running a leaf sprung front end you cannot have any kickers.

7. Hood and core support - Core support may be bolted with all thread no larger than 3/4. You can run it all the way thru the hood to bold hood down. You may chain, wire or bolt hood down. A 2ft by 2ft. hole must be in hood for fire detection. Can bolt hood down 6 spots.

8. Battery - one battery of any size is permitted in front passenger floor board.  Secured and covered.

9. Tires - No studded tires no screws are allowed valve stem protectors are permitted. Solid rims are allowed. Any tire size is permitted. Foam filled double tires are permitted.

10. Radiator - You must have radiator in stock position you may use water barrel it is only to be welded in two spots on frame. Not to be attached to bumper. Bottom Radiator support may be a piece of angle 3x3x 1/4 must be welded to core support not to frame or bumper in any way.

11. Bumpers - Any bumper may be used, you may use homemade bumper it must be no bigger than 4 inches in diameter. Nothing to be welded to it. Other than attaching it to the frame. Weld it good don't want it to fall off. Bumpers must be a straight piece of metal. We know how hard it is to find bumpers. You may hard nose your frame. You may weld a plate no longer than 10 inches per frame rail measuring from the back of the bumper. And no wider than the frame at a 1/4 thick. Your preference on which side, top bottom or side. This is to be used as a bumper bracket.  You may weld bumper horns to the side of frame in place of the 10 inch plate. Bumper horn can no longer 12inch. Bumper may be loaded must have bumper skin on it. If you’re running a car without a Chrysler sub frame conversion then you may weld a plate 1/4 thick from front bumper to center of the arm one plate per frame rail. Cannot put the addition 10 inch plate on. If you are running Chrysler sub frame conversion you are allowed the 10 inch plate.

12. Rear end - Rear end of any make up to 3/4 ton rear ends. No excessive of rear end bracing. You may weld braces from backing plate to backing plate only.

13. Windshield - must have at least one bar, chain or wire attached for protection from hood.

14. Body Mounts - Body mount bolts no larger than 5/8 .no extra body mounts bolts. Washers will be no larger than 2 inches of plate 1/4 thick. You may run body mount bolts thru the bottom of the frame.

15. Body - No extra metal on body. If it is a pre ran car you can patch sheet metal of same thickness and not to exceed 2 inches past tear in sheet metal. You may bolt fender and quarter panels.

16. Frame - Hump plates are permitted they can be no bigger than 4 inches by 2ft. 1/4 inch thick. You may seam weld top and bottom front to back. No filling in of factory holes. If pre ran car and have bent frame you may plate where it is bent with 1/4 inch plate. Not to exceed past bend or tear 1 inch. Frames must be empty will be checked. If frame is loaded you will have one time to go back and remove if not removed like officials are asking you will be asked to leave. No welding any bars from drivers frame rail to passenger frame rail with the exception of transmission cross member and engine cradler.

17. Distributor protectors are permitted.

18. Transmission coolers must be kept in back seat area with lines double clamped. If it has a fan it must be secured. If using separate battery for fan 12 volt lawn mower battery only covered and secured.

19. Roof sign must be 2ft by 2ft with number on it.

No other modifications may be made to car unless they are stated in the rules above!  No welding on the frame unless it is in the rules above!


Outlaw Demo Rule.pdf Outlaw Demo Rule